Presenters & Live Music

Main Stage

Imari Spigner & Royce Ashcroft are known as Central Florida’s Vegan Power Couple! Imari is a professional runway model, actress and emcee who has been vegan since April 2017. Royce is a talk show host, stand-up comedian and emcee who has been vegan since January 2016. The two have combined their talents to create Noor XVII, the vegan entertainment network. Noor XVII is famous for hosting extravagant and unique events that spread awareness and shine a light on the vegan lifestyle. The organization was the first to host The International Vegan Fashion Show which showcased 60+ vegan models from all over the world, over 200+ vegan fashion designs, all vegan make-up and was located at a vegan-owned venue at the largest independent studio in Central Florida, KDS One Studios. Imari and Royce donate a portion of their proceeds from all vegan events to different vegan nonprofits to help others that have aligned missions. The couple looks forward to seeing the vegan movement grow and they are excited to be playing their role in the world. We are happy to announce that Imari and Royce will be the official emcees for our 5th annual event!

Ellen Jaffe Jones is the author of 6 vegan books including "Eat Vegan on $4 a Day," and "Vegan Fitness for Mortals." She is currently first in her age group in all 6 track events from the 50 to 1500 meters. That's rare for any athlete, let alone a vegan one. As a former Emmy-winning TV investigative reporter, figuring out how to avoid breast cancer that got her mom, aunt and both sisters has been the investigative reporting job of her life. She is featured in a new book, "The Ultimate Age-Defying Plan" as the poster child for what long-term vegan eating and exercise can look like.

Kimberly is a private chef and founder of Might Be Vegan—a plant-based culinary group offering in-home meal preparation in Atlanta, GA and virtual meal planning services to plant-eaters around the world. In the kitchen, she's had the pleasure of serving both individuals and families, as well as celebrities and professional athletes. She's also the author of "How TF To Eat More Plants," the creator behind the #FromMeatsToBeets Challenge designed to help people transition to veganism and hosted in more than 100 cities in North America, the host of the web series Vegan This Not That, and co-host of the podcast "Do Fries Come With That Convo" with comedian and fellow vegan Bruce Leroy Williams.

VeganEvan is a passionate and talented young animal advocate committed to creating a healthy, compassionate, and regenerative world. He is President & Spokesperson for Animal Hero Kids and also a spokesperson for the Solutionary Species movement. VeganEvan has spoken in front of large audiences at several major events throughout the country including the What the Health-Cowspiracy Conference, Central Florida Earth Day, the Animal Liberation Conference, Tampa Bay VegFest, the National Animal Rights Conference, Asheville Vegan Fest, VegFest Oahu, and many more!!  He has been awarded the Russell Simmons Creative Animal Hero Kids Award, and in 2016, he earned PETA’s Cutest Vegan Kid award. More recently he was awarded the Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion from the Supreme Master Ching Hai Association. VeganEvan is a voice for the animals everywhere he goes! He enjoys leafleting, protesting, doing marches, Open Rescue, disruptions, and making videos and rap songs! Evan also participates in Anonymous for the Voiceless Cubes of Truth and Vigils with the Save Movement wherever he travels. Most of all, he loves visiting all of his rescued friends at the sanctuaries where they are happy, safe and free from harm.

Grey is one of the hottest emerging artists at the intersection between activism, urban style & hip hop. A growing Atlanta institution in his own right, Grey became one of the most talked about acts of 2016 after his Vegan Thanksgiving freestyle & music video took the internet by storm. Notching a total of 30+ million views, he was catapulted from local stardom to the global stage. Even PETA and Whole Foods supported his release, proving the cross-marketability of Grey and his message. His music and clothing line, Plant Based Drippin, is creating a new energy in the Vegan community. A lyricist, activist, and social entrepreneur, Grey is nothing short of refreshing. With a clear, understandable, and sophisticated flow, Grey is an artist to watch in 2018. He, like vegan cooking, just might surprise you.

Cooking Demonstrations
Located at Picnic Shelter 13

 Dr. Sharon Ames-Dennard, affectionately known as "The Psych Chef," serves up food for the mind and body at Nefetari's Fine Cuisine & Spirits where she is the Executive Chef. She hails from the Eastern Shore of Virginia. She has traveled extensively and considers herself a foodie connoisseur. She learned her culinary skills the old-fashioned way, at the feet of her parents, aunts, and uncles. When she's not cooking or concocting recipes, she wears her other hat as a licensed clinical psychologist serving the Tallahassee community. She is married to Dana Dennard and has 4 adult children.

Jessica Jameson has been a vegetarian for 15 years.  Her choice to become a plant-based eater in high-school sparked her interest in nutrition and led her to a career as a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator.  Jessica works in Tallahassee, FL where she leads a Diabetes Prevention Program and teaches patients healthy eating habits to manage diabetes.

Yourhighness Tafari is a natural Floridian, being born, and raised in the city of Tampa. He serves the public as the Co-Owner and Executive Chef of the Vegg'd Out Vegan Kitchen. An all vegan/Puritarian catering & pre-paid meal plan company based as well in Tampa, Florida. He began his cleaner eating habits in 1998, behind Spiritual and heritage driven purposes; and currently classifies himself as a Puritarian. One who uses the principle of Purity behind their food consumption choices. Vegg'd Out was enacted in March 2014, and began as a food delivery service with two main goals in mind: 1. To make quality clean food more affordable; 2. To debunk the myth that veggie food is nasty. Fast forward to now, and Vegg'd Out actively markets their food throughout the land by way of open-air fresh markets & various pop-up shops; produces a worldwide, no cost, all vegan interactive cooking show entitled "Melodious Eats"; and by way of other local, small businesses in which they have some of their high-quality products featured at. Always advising, "Use this cleaner eatin' as an entry point to uncover the blatant malice throughout life".

New Leaf Market Co-op (NLMC) is committed to building a vibrant and healthy local community by providing natural and organic foods and products. As a cooperative, we emphasize socially and environmentally responsible practices and provide education and information about our products and the cooperative principles upon which we are based. New Leaf Market Co-op (NLMC) originally began in 1974, as a buying club that provided its owners, college students, and families, with affordable, healthy food. Today, NLMC has continued to be a staple for local and organic products in the Tallahassee community. The co-op offers local produce, grocery, refrigerated, bulk, beer and wine, fresh meat and seafood, health and body care and a deli. Come see it for yourself and enjoy New Leaf Market Co-op!

Chef Shacafrica Simmons aka Chef Shac is on assignment in the earth as the owner and creative innovator of Chef Shac LLC which is the parent company for Empowered by Food, The North Florida Culinary Incubator, Chef Shac Catering, Life Chef, and The Sensory Experience.  Most recently she has added to her accolades the title of “Food Network Chopped Champion” in 2017. With the Keys to the City of Tallahassee and her Get Shac’d Beverage and Product Line, Chef Shac is taking the world by storm. Chef Shac truly believes that health and wealth are intricately woven in the food choices we make. Therefore, her desire is to teach people to take ownership of their relationship with food. Through access, information, demonstration, and education, Chef Shac is empowering communities one delicious morsel at a time!  Her motto in food and life is to always “Keep it flavorful!”

Live Music
Main Stage

Based in Tallahassee, Florida, and founded by Michael Lewis, The Common 'Taters and the Turn-Ups are a "core" group of musicians (the 'Taters) doing "roots" music, originals and tasty down home covers, with special visiting artists (the Turn-Ups).  The ‘Taters’ style of playing draws from a variety of diverse sounds, and features both electric and acoustic presentations of American roots music – just call it “Americana”.